You need an non existing feature in Galette, and/or want to sponsor one?

Then I can propose you any devlopment on the project.
The main goal is to improve the Galette core project, or any of official plugins.

Of course, development on non official plugins can be considered, this will depend on the plugin state, license, and what you want to change.
New plugins development can also be considered.

What’s included?

All work done on Galette core project or official plugins will be entirely reversed to the community.

New plugins will be released as part of galette community. There is no guarantee they’ll be maintained through the years.

Work on unofficial existing plugins, if they use an open source license, will be proposed to their original author; but there is no guarantee it will be accepted.


An estimation of the amount of work for any requested work will be done, and a quotation will be established: just contcact me.